The Resilient Minds Program

"A platform to introduce resilience to young people in a simple and effective manner."

We are Andy Otten and David Mackay and together we have developed Resilient Minds.

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What We Provide

We provide a platform to introduce resilience to young people in a simple and effective manner, not only showing them what it is, but providing them with tools to become resilient holistically in sport and life.
Other aspects we touch on include growth versus fixed mindset, gratitude, goal setting, being able to refocus the mind and also the importance of body language.



Resilience is an individual’s capacity to deal with adversity and challenges in a positive manner. The need for resilience in today’s society has never been greater. Mental wellbeing statistics are increasing every year in young adults at an alarming rate and what contributes to this is their inability to deal with adversity.

We believe that teaching young people skills to deal with adversities in all facets of life will build their capacity to grow as people. Continual growth as a person is an essential need for human beings to be happy.

The Program

Resilient Minds is a strategic Program with the aim of improving the mind-sets of the youth of today.

Andy and David believe that after years of playing AFL and undertaking multiple workshops and courses aimed at improving mindset, self development and leadership they have discovered invaluable tools. They have taken what they consider the best bits and developed a refined program aimed at making a difference to their target audience.

"Resilient minds presented to our Specialist Sport Football students at Henley High School and the feedback from students and teachers was extremely positive.

Hearing Andy’s story and participating in a wide range of engaging activities, gave our students strategies to be more resilient. The workshop catered for all learning styles and encouraged group discussion and individual reflection.

I highly recommend this program."

- Ben Kane, Football Head Coach, Henley High School


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"Resilient Minds is a platform for positive change in our youth."

- Andy Otten & David McKay