Sport Specific Sessions

Being elite athletes for over 15 years each has provided them with the knowledge and experience to truly know what it takes to make it.

We are Andy Otten and David Mackay and together we have developed Resilient Minds.

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A Sporting Mind

Sporting success not only relies on athletic capabilities, but also the capacity of your mind.

Having been elite athletes for over a decade, Andy Otten and David Mackay understand the advantages of developing a successful performance mindset. The Resilient Minds Sports Specific Sessions will provide the tools needed to gain an elite mindset both on and off the field/court/track and are applicable to all levels of athlete whether you’re striving for the top level or simply trying to be the best you can be.


What We Provide

We provide a platform to introduce resilience to young people in a simple and effective manner, not only showing them what it is, but providing them with tools to become resilient holistically in sport and life.
Other aspects we touch on include growth versus fixed mindset, gratitude, goal setting, being able to refocus the mind and also the importance of body language.


The Objective

These sport specific sessions are built on sports performance through learning mental resilience.

We can provide them with tools and avenues that will help them stay engaged during games, show leadership, and to help other teammates stay focused.


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"Resilient Minds is a platform for positive change in our youth."

- Andy Otten & DAvid Mackay