"Building resilient minds on and off the field."

- Andy Otten & David Mackay

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"Through the setbacks, pressures and repeated times of adversity we have experienced in our professional careers, we have developed skills that have helped us remain positive, bounce back and ultimately grow as individuals. Growth as athletes, yes, but most importantly, growth as people off the field.

We are passionate about relaying this knowledge to as many young people as possible as we believe these concepts are too relevant and powerful to ignore."

About Us
Resilient Minds Dave Mackay Andy Otten

Resilient Minds Program

Resilient Minds is a strategic Program with the aim of improving the mind-sets of the youth of today.

David & Andy believe that after years of playing professional AFL & participating in multiple leadership, mindset and self-development courses throughout their careers that they have 'cut the fat' from most courses, and developed an elite program that can provide a real difference to our youth.

The Program

What We Provide

We provide a platform to introduce resilience to young people in a simple and effective manner, not only showing them what it is, but providing them with tools to become resilient holistically in sport and life.
Other aspects we touch on include growth versus fixed mindset, gratitude, goal setting, being able to refocus the mind and also the importance of body language.


Sport Specific Sessions

Sporting success not only relies on athletic capabilities, but also the capacity of your mind.

Having been elite athletes for over a decade, Andy Otten and David Mackay understand the advantages of developing a successful performance mindset.

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Keynote Presentations

We provide a keynote presentation on life resilience. Young adults face many stresses throughout high school, and it is vital they learn different coping mechanisms to help them not just at school, but also life.

Anxiety and stress is increasing in modern life, so learning specific tools to deal with these challenges is vital in harbouring growth and wellbeing.

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Customised Programs

Build your own.

Liaise with us to create a program that suits your specific objectives around resilience. Using our key pillars for resilience we can customise a program that meets your groups’ needs.

Contact us to design something that suits your requirements.

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"Resilient Minds is a platform for positive change in our youth."

- Andy Otten & David Mackay